Should I Purchase Orlando Real Estate Now?

Should I invest in Orlando Real Estate?

The quick reply is Yes! The old adage applies in Orlando Real Estate as it does in the general investment arena – Buy Low and Sell High. We all know the Orlando Real Estate arena certainly has a major “correction” of late.  If you are purchasing for the long term, now just might be the right time.

There is no time like the present to take advantage of the many attractive Orlando properties that are currently available – either for the long term or simply to hold until prices recover. Many in the Real Estate industry feel that judicious investment now will be very lucrative in the near future. Looking for factors that might help your Orlando Real Estate investment plan might include:

  • Distressed Orlando properties with “good bones” are a good choice
  • Repair any structural repairs – roofing, painting, gutters, etc
  • Determine and make the interior upgrades that will result in the greatest return
  • See if you can determine a current Orlando owner who has too many irons in the fire – they my well be ready to divest themselves of a particular property at a good price
  • Treat the property as a rental unit until the market improves
  • When the market returns to a level you are comfortable with – Sell

However, you might just decide the rental income is so attractive that you end up keeping the property in your Orlando portfolio. Whether you decide to keep the Orlando property long term or if you determine that selling short term is the answer – it is a very good time to purchase an investment property.

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