Where do you want to build your dream home?

Miami, Florida – a city that makes headlines throughout the world, all for the right reasons. Whether you are from the heart of Europe, the Far East or Africa, the mere mention of Miami is enough to make you stop whatever you are doing and pay attention. But what is it about this city that makes it such a coveted destination? To begin easy, the city of Miami epitomizes a multicultural Utopia we all die to live in.

Miami features a fair representation of nearly all the world’s major ethnic groups and while some are native residents, others are simply visitors who can’t get enough of this wonderland. The hospitality of the locals, coupled with the cool breeze from the iconic Atlantic Ocean is enough incentive to make anyone want to permanently settle on this land. In this article, I will discuss some of the actual reasons that gave me the impetus to want to settle in Miami, hoping you will draw some inspiration from it too.

So, Why Miami?

The People

Being a cosmopolitan city, Miami features so many ethnic groups and despite whatever part of the world you come from, you will always feel at home here. The locals are hospitable and make you feel welcome, whatever your reason for visiting is.

The Weather

We all may have heard of this expression, “’when it is cold, it is freezing cold and when it is hot, it is scorching hot’’. Truth of the matter is, nobody wants to live under these extreme weather conditions and we are always looking for something in between. The weather in Miami is favorable all year round. Winter is not as bad as you may expect in other cities and summer is just as good. This means that being the outdoor person I am, I will not have to worry about the common seasonal inconveniences such as being snow-bound or suffering from unwarranted sunburns as I go on a weekend crawl along the city’s enchanting beaches.

The Infrastructure and Amenities

One of the things that would inspire my decision to settle in Miami is the city’s infrastructure and social amenities. These are indeed conveniences that make life worth living and I just wouldn’t overlook them. The Miami International Airport would come in handy whenever I need to fly in and out of the city. Endowed with many health, educational and recreational facilities, I do not see a better reason for wanting to have my dream home in Miami.

What Of The Economy and The Real Estate?

Miami is one of the cities in the world with a steady and remarkable employment growth rate which stands at 2.7%. This means the city’s economy is fairly stable, jobs are easier to come by and inflation is generally low. These are variables I would really want to take into account, especially during my post-retirement life.

Also worth noting is the fact that there is a constant 6.1% increase in the home values. This is a welcome idea, especially to an enterprising person like me because at any point in time I shall feel I need to convert my residential house [or part of it] into a commercial one, the benefits I stand to get shall be immense.  To take into consideration buying vs renting, see my last post.

So What’ll My Dream Home Be Like?

I am not a very complicated fellow but I do not subscribe to simplicity either, especially when it comes to building my dream home. As such, I would like my dream home in Miami to be a maisonette. The floor plan of my maisonette would include a spacious living room able to entertain a large family as well as hold guests. Ideally, this shall be on the ground floor and shall combine with an equally spacious kitchen and a well-furnished dining area.

On the second floor would be my bedrooms and bathrooms. I would like the maisonette to be designed with four bedrooms –three for my family and one for guests, as well as two bathrooms –one for my family and the other one for use by my guests.  To save on costs, I may even look for modular home designs that are available.

Most importantly, I would like my maisonette to be built in such a manner that the façade overlooks the majestic Atlantic Ocean so each morning I would wake up to the silent roars of the ocean. A spacious patio, a well-mowed lawn and a car garage will be a welcome adds-on. And what’s a home in Miami without pets, so a Bulldog for me wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

And that’s how my dream home in Miami, Florida would be.

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